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 NPluxThe PLUX C++ API namespace
 NErrorNamespace for all error exceptions
 CInvalidInstanceException thrown if an invalid object instance method was called
 CInvalidOperationException thrown if the requested operation cannot be completed due to current device state
 CInvalidParameterException thrown if a method call has an invalid parameter value
 CMissingModuleException thrown if an API module is missing (DLL or .so file)
 CNotSupportedException thrown if the requested operation is not supported by the device
 NNotificationNamespace for all notification exceptions
 CAdapterNotFoundException thrown if no Bluetooth adapter was found while trying to connect to a Bluetooth device
 CContactingDeviceException thrown if the connection with the device was lost
 CDeviceNotFoundException thrown if the requested device path was not found
 CInitializingPortException thrown if there was a problem while initializing the communication port
 COpeningPortException thrown if there was a problem while opening the communication port
 CBaseDevBase class for all PLUX devices
 CBITalinoDevBase class for Plux BITalino devices
 CStateCurrent device state returned by BITalinoDev::getState()
 CClockEvent timestamp class
 CDevInfoInformation about a device found by BaseDev::findDevices()
 CErrorExceptionBase class for all error exceptions
 CEventEvent base class
 CEvtBatteryBattery state event class
 CEvtDigInUpdateDigital port input change event class
 CEvtDisconnectDevice disconnect event class
 CEvtGestFeaturesGesture features event class
 CEvtSchedChangeSession schedule change event class
 CEvtSignalGoodSensor signal good event class
 CEvtSyncSynchronization event class
 CExceptionGeneric PLUX C++ API exception
 CMemoryDevBase class for PLUX signal-acquiring devices with internal memory
 CNotifExceptionBase class for all notification exceptions
 CScheduleSession schedule class
 CSessionStored session header class
 CSignalsDevBase class for PLUX signal-acquiring devices
 CSourceAcquisition source class
 CSourceExAcquisition source class with properties attribute
 CStimDevThis class is not covered in this documentation
 CVariantThis class encapsulates a value of one of following data types: bool, int, float and String