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AffecTech Press Release

European research is shaping the future of mental health

An international research consortium joins efforts to develop innovative affective health technologies.

Lancaster, United Kingdom

An interdisciplinary team of international researchers met last month in Lancaster (UK) under the European H2020 AffecTech project to lead the way towards new affective health disorder technologies that will lower health costs and help patients’ struggle.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people suffer from depression worldwide, identified as the leading cause of disability. AffecTech has recently launched an ambitious international project that counts on Plux Wireless Biosignals to bring the best research expertise together, aiming to exploit our access to mobile devices and wearables in order to revolutionise technology for Mental Health assessment.

With yearly costs exceeding 100 billion Euros and inestimable social costs, the European Commission has set Mental Health as one of the H2020 priorities. AffecTech is an interdisciplinary project that builds upon state of the art biosensing, human computer interfaces and clinical psychology.

The aim of the project is to empower patients with tools 1 that will improve self-awareness and emotion regulation.

Plux is fully committed to AffecTech goals, playing an important role in the consortium as an active member for innovative devices and research provider. President Hugo Gamboa and researcher Miquel Alfaras work towards the integration of all the different expertise areas with Plux cutting-edge technology, enhancing the development of new tools for the assessment of Mental Health disorders.

Ours is a data-driven society that has embraced technology,” explains Plux founder Dr. Hugo Gamboa. “In recent years, technology has transformed our lives. AffecTech benefits from this technology to develop low-cost solutions that will transform the course of mental health treatment.

Born in 2007, Plux shook up the wireless biosensing device research community developing reliable and accessible products providing unprecedented acquisition capabilities. Plux partners with renowned private and public research institutions, bridging academia and industry by providing its expertise to practical applications.

AffecTech project is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network funded by European Commission H2020. Raising awareness about Mental Health issues is at the core of the project goals, supporting the World Health Organization World Mental Health Day.

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biosignalsplux Solo


Our new biosignalsplux Solo kit is the perfect companion for research applications where only a single biosignal sensor is needed.

Powered by the single channel OpenBAN device, you can now benefit from the wide selection of biosignalsplux sensors to acquire physiological data from a single sensor and to track motion using the built-in accelerometer and magnetometer while keeping your research on budget.

The biosignalsplux Solo kit includes an OpenBAN, a micro USB charging cable, and one professional sensor of your choice. It supports signal acquisition from a single biosignalsplux sensor with up to 16-bit resolution and 1kHz sampling rate. The built-in and rechargeable internal battery provides enough power for up to ~16 hours of continuous data streaming via Bluetooth.
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Ergoplux Launch

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are a world problem, concerning health, social and economics sectors and can lead to a higher number of work absences and dissatisfaction, which leads to significant social and economic costs.

Our new biosignalsplux ergo systems - the 4-channel ergoplux Explorer and the 8-channel ergoplux Researcher - were designed for ergonomics research applications to provide reliable data to help detect, prevent and/or improve high-risk work activities which can cause such musculoskeletal disorders.

For this purpose, these kits use EMG sensors and EMG signal processing software add-ons for our OpenSignals (r)evolution software to objectively track and measure work-related stress on subjects conducting physical work processes.

We would like to invite you to visit our store to find out more about our new kits and to see the key contents of these kits below.

ergoplux Explorer
  • 4 channel system
  • 4 EMG sensors
  • OpenSignals (r)evolution software for signal visualization and acquisition
  • Video Synchronization software add-on
  • Muscle Load Analysis software add-on
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ergoplux Researcher
  • 8 channel system
  • 8 EMG sensors
  • 8GB internal memory
  • OpenSignals (r)evolution software for signal visualization and acquisition
  • Video Synchronization software add-on
  • EMG Analysis software add-on
  • Muscle Load Analysis software add-on
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3kHz sampling rate support for biosignalsplux.

biosignalsplux devices do now support sampling rates of up to 3kHz with the newest firmware (v.3.5).

Download and update your devices' firmware to the newest version to take advantage of this feature!

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SpO2 Sensor Announcement

We proudly introduce to you our new SpO2 sensor.

This SpO2 (peripheral capillary oxygen saturation) sensor can be used to estimate the oxygen saturation level in the blood with +/- 2% accuracy compared to medical sensors and is available in two different options - as versatile SpO2 sensor or as finger clip sensor. 

This sensor uses two emitting LEDs - one in the red region and the other in the infrared region of the spectrum. The reflected light of each one of these LEDs is absorbed by a photodiode that converts the current into a digital value that is sent via SPI to your biosignalsplux device.

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Versatile SpO2 Sensor
Finger Clip SpO2 Sensor