Find below all the necessary information and documentation to get the most out of your biosignalsplux kits, sensors, accessories, APIs, and the OpenSignals (r)evolution software.

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biosignalsplux Kits Brochure Quickstart User Manual
biosignalsplux Explorer soon
biosignalsplux Researcher soon
biosignalsplux Professional soon
biosignalsplux ergoExplorer soon
biosignalsplux ergoResearcher soon
biosignalsplux Solo soon -
FNIRS Pioneer soon - -
FNIRS Explorer soon - -
biosignalsplux Force soon -
biosignalsplux Force+EMG soon -
biosignalsplux Sensors Sample Signal User Manual Datasheet Tech Notes
Accelerometer (ACC) | -
Blood Pressure Reader (BPR) | - -
Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) | -
Electrocardiography (ECG) |
Electrodermal Activity (EDA) | - -
Electroencephalography (EEG) | -
Electrogastrography (EGG) | -
Electromyography (EMG) | -
Electrooculography (EOG) | -
Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (FNIRS) | -
Force Platform | -
Pressure (FSR) | - -
Glucose Meter Reader | -
Load Cell | - -
Light | -
Respiration (PZT) | -
Respiration (RIP) | - -
SpO2 (Finger Clip) | -
SpO2 (Versatile) - -
SpO2 Reader (OSL) | -
Temperature (TMP) | -
: View the signal in the OpenSignals Live (Online) version in your browser (only supported in Google Chrome)
: Download .ZIP file containing raw & converted sample data in .TXT, .H5, .EDF formats (can be opened in the OpenSignals software) incl. a sample plot
Components & Accessories Datasheet
biosignalsplux 4-Channel Hub
biosignalsplux 8-Channel Hub
biosignalsplux Solo 1-Channel Hub (openBAN)
Synchronization Kit
LED (1)
Handheld Switch (Trigger Button) (1)
Footswitch (1)
biosignalsplux Hub Charger (4 & 8 Channel Hubs)
Disposable, Pre-gelled & Self-adhesive Electrodes (Coviden H124SG)
(1) included in the Synchronization Kit.
OpenSignals Software Sample Reports User Manual
OpenSignals (r)evolution (Desktop) -
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Analysis Add-On |
Electrodermal Activity (EDA) Analysis Add-On |
Electromyography (EMG) Analysis Add-On
Muscle Load Analysis Add-On
Respiration Analysis Add-On |
Force Platform Analysis Add-On |
: Download .ZIP file containing reports in .PDF and .CSV file formats.
3rd Integrations, Streaming Features & APIs Documentation Sample Code
OpenSignals (r)evolution TCP/IP Module (2)
OpenSignals (r)evolution LSL Module (Python) (2)
OpenSignals (r)evolution LSL Module (MATLAB®) (2)
OpenSignals (r)evolution E-Prime® Integration (2)
Python API
Android API
Swift API (3) -
Unity API
(2) Integrated into the standard OpenSignals software. No further installation or activation required.
(3) Only compatible with muscleBAN devices.