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Biofeedback & Rehabilitation

Biofeedback & Rehabilitation Research

We provide a range of toolkits with pluggable sensors or all in one wearables designed for flexible, demanding and high-quality Biofeedback and Rehabilitation research and applications, whether done inside the lab or out in the real world. You may also want to checkout our physioplux system, as example of a Biofeedback and Rehabilibation product built by us that is clinically proven to speed patient recovery and integrates the sensors and kits listed below. See our full recommended sensors, wearables and kits for Biofeedback and Rehabilitation below.


Electromyography EMG

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High performance bipolar sensor
with low noise characteristics for
seamless muscle data acquisition.

Electrocardiogram ECG

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Single-lead local differential
bipolar sensor, designed for
improved user acceptability.

Respiration PZT

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Affordable piezoelectric sensor with
adjustable chest strap... perfect for
basic sensing in low mobility settings.

Force FSR

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Thin film membrane force
sensor... perfect for
minimally intrusive setups.

Foot Switch

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Momentary switch
triggerable by the foot, for
manual event annotation.

Goniometer GON

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Twin axis strain gage goniometer
with flexible connecting beam
for uncompromised range of motion

Force Platform

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Sturdy unidimensional platform
with four independent load cells for
jump, leg press, and similar setups.

RFID Sensor

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This is the perfect accessory for synchronous recording of biosignal data and ID-mappable events.



what's included

Wireless single-channel
Electromyography (EMG) device
for real-time muscle sensing.


what's included

Battery-friendly accelerometer for
real-time sreaming or local storage
of high resolution motion data.




4 generic channels +
4 professional sensors

biosignals Explorer

High-performance in an
affordable package, designed
to keep your research on budget.



8 generic channels +
8 professional sensors +
8h personalized support +
Video sync software add-on

biosignals Researcher

Combines all the hardware and
add-on software essentials that
fulfil you typical research needs.


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