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fNIRS Explorer

fNIRS Explorer


All the necessary tools for single-channel fNIRS acquisitions in an affordable hardware kit.

Product Description

The FNIRS Explorer (functional near-infrared spectroscopy) is a wireless and ruggedized wearable FNIRS acquisition system. Powered by a Quad-LED system - 2 red & 2 infra-red (IR) LEDs – and a triaxial accelerometer makes this system ideal for high-dynamic in- and out-of-the-lab setups.
The FNIRS Explorer uses two pairs of LEDs, with each pair containing one LED in the red region and one in the IR region of the spectrum, and one detector to measure the red and IR light reflectance in the cortical tissue. The light reflectance varies with the activity level of the observed brain region due to the changes in oxygen saturation levels, which can be estimated from the raw data provided by this system.
The Quad-LED system and the silicon casing of the FNIRS Explorer are designed to suit the requirements of high-dynamic out-of-the-lab applications where the use of standard Dual-LED FNIRS sensors (e.g. biosignalsplux FNIRS Pioneer) could be limited. For instance, motion artifacts affecting Dual-LED FNIRS systems can put the reliability of the acquired data at risk, while the Quad-LED system reduces such risks due to the second pair of LEDs providing an additional source of brain activity data. The LED intensities can be adjusted via the OpenSignals software to suit even the most demanding applications.

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