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fNIRS Pioneer

fNIRS Pioneer


All the necessary tools for single-channel fNIRS acquisitions in an affordable hardware kit.

Product Description

The fNIRS Pioneer kit provides all the necessary equipment to conduct signal acquisitions using the biosignalsplux fNIRS sensor (functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy) and comes with a 4-channel biosignalsplux hub, the fNIRS sensor, a hub charger, and a PLUX-proven Bluetooth dongle.
The fNIRS is an easy-to-use, non-invasive, and portable sensor which uses two emitting LEDs, one in the red region and the other in the infrared region of the spectrum, to measure the red and infrared light reflectance in the cortical tissue.
The emitted light of each one of these LED’s is absorbed by a photodiode, which resulting current can be used to compute an estimation of the blood oxygen saturation level in the monitored brain region or tissue. This method, combined with the sensor’s form-factor, provides a non-intrusive method for brain activity monitoring, which is applicable in a variety of research fields, includ- ing biomedical, psychophysiology, and other functional neuroimaging applications (e.g. Brain-Computer Interface development). Additionally, the acquired sensor data can be used to extract heart rate information, which can be used for further analysis of cardiac activity (e.g. Heart Rate Variability).

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