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Our new biosignalsplux Solo kit is the perfect companion for research applications where only a single biosignal sensor is needed.

Powered by the single channel OpenBAN device, you can now benefit from the wide selection of biosignalsplux sensors to acquire physiological data from a single sensor and to track motion using the built-in accelerometer and magnetometer while keeping your research on budget.

The biosignalsplux Solo kit includes an OpenBAN, a micro USB charging cable, and one professional sensor of your choice. It supports signal acquisition from a single biosignalsplux sensor with up to 16-bit resolution and 1kHz sampling rate. The built-in and rechargeable internal battery provides enough power for up to ~16 hours of continuous data streaming via Bluetooth.
Visit our store, select one of the compatible biosignalsplux sensors and get started with our new biosignalsplux Solo kit.
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