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Citius, Altius, Sanius

Injuries prevention and performance improvement
in both amateur and top-level sport

Plux is proud to announce that as part of its endeavor to extend its line of products to the sports market, we were invited, and will be participating in a 6.2M€ research fund that will target injuries prevention and improve performance in both amateur and top-level sport.

We will be participating on the Citius, Altius, Sanius (Faster, Higher, Healthier), a Dutch research project. The research is being conducted by an alliance of eight universities and university medical centers and six universities of applied sciences who will collaborate on the project with NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee/Dutch Sports Federation), more than 20 businesses (including Royal Dutch Gazelle, Adidas and insurance company Zilveren Kruis), several sports associations, including those representing Football (KNVB), Hockey (KNHB), Baseball (KNBSB) and Tennis (KNLTB), sports teams (including Team Sunweb), sports physicians and sports physiotherapy practices.

Plux’s engineering contribution intends to develop methods and systems to facilitate the identification of injury risk factors related to load and coordination (together with KNLTB and KNBSB), by using, but not limited to, normative data, as well as modification of those factors in tennis and baseball by performing timing diagnosis analysis. The challenge is to then develop, a feedback system that provides information on the (accumulated) load and key coordination parameters, based on power flow models and ligament loading estimates. Based on this data, the feedback to the athlete should allow for rehabilitation at home with a graded return to sport.
We will also be contributing to the project with our products, physioplux EXPERT, our equipment geared towards EMG analysis of key timing indicators for asymptomatic versus symptomatic side comparison and physioplux GO equipment’s or mobile platform for EMG training and assessment.
With such a heterogeneous consortium, we believe that the potential for success is huge, due to its engrained roots, both on the market, the athlete’s and the researchers ecosystem.