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Citius, Altius, Sanius Kick Off

Kick-Off Event

Papendal, The Netherlands

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The 22nd of February 2018 marked the beginning of the Citius, Altius, Sanius project, one of the most ambitious projects from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

Plux is proud to be a Portuguese company among such esteemed company that is being conducted by an alliance of eight universities and university medical centers and six universities of applied sciences who will collaborate on the project with NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee/Dutch Sports Federation), more than 20 businesses (including Royal Dutch Gazelle, Adidas and insurance company Zilveren Kruis), several sports associations, including those representing Football (KNVB), Hockey (KNHB), Baseball (KNBSB) and Tennis (KNLTB), sports teams (including Team Sunweb), sports physicians and sports physiotherapy practices.

We will be a part of two project within this project:

  • P4 - Fitness & Strength Training (optimizing training load, muscle stress)

This project focuses on fitness and strength training as one of the largest and most injury prone sports in the Netherlands. The challenge is to develop real-time feedback systems using musculoskeletal models, providing information on cardiovascular and muscle load that enables the athlete to optimize the training schedule and its intensity taking his or her power capability into account.

  • P7 - Coordination tennis & baseball (motor control, muscle coordination, local overload prevention)

This project aims at preventing the frequently occurring shoulder and elbow injuries in baseball and tennis players. The means to reach this aim include two developments: (1) The incorporation of individual musculoskeletal models in avatars that inform the athlete about the current load on shoulder and elbow followed by suggestions for behavioral adaptations to decrease this load, and (2) the creation of a smart racket and algorithms delivering information on the performance and the (risk for over)load of the shoulder and elbow of the player.

The user community of the program comprises a broad variety of stakeholders, including the national sports council NOC*NSF, sports federations like the KNAU, the KNBSB and the KNLTB, including their athletes and coaches, city councils, sports-medical associations, fitness companies, sports equipment companies and sensor and gaming companies. All of these stakeholders take a strong interest in the program and are keen on contributing to its success. This is reflected in their support letters and the in kind and in cash contributions they are willing to make. The sports councils are interested in increasing participation in their sports and in healthy ways of increasing performance in both recreational and elite athletes, and are committed to facilitate investigations and measurements in their respective domains. Cities with a strong health agenda support the program because it fits their policy to improve public health through sports and exercise; they will provide infrastructural support. Sports-medical associations are interested in improving athletic and public health and in developing relevant knowledge and applications to that end. They will bring in their expertise in their various expertise. The incentives of companies to participate include R&D, co-development of equipment, generate and sharing knowledge to support and improve their products. To this end, they will make their prototypes and existing products and expertise available to the program.


Participants: Achmea, Adidas, AMC, Borre, Bosch, Cinoptics, Dopple, Fontys Hogescholen, Municipality of Amsterdam, Municipality of Eindhoven, Golazo Sports SX, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, HAN University of Applied Sciences, Inmotio Object Tracking, InnosportLab Sport & Movement, International Tennis Federation, IZI BodyCooling, Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands, ManualFysion, 2M Engineering, Motekforce Link, MYLAPS, MyTemp, NedCard, NHTV Breda, Nijmeegse Vierdaagse Foundation, NL Actief, NOC*NSF, Noldus, NovioSense, Plux, Qualogy, Radboudumc, Reade Rehabilitation, University of Groningen, National Sports Federations (KNBSB, KNHB, KNLTB, KNVB, KNWV), Koninklijke Gazelle, Sailing Innovation Center, SWOV, Team Sunweb, Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology, Leiden University, VirtuaGym, VU Amsterdam, VUmc, Zevenheuvelenloop Foundation