biosignals plux

Research Kits

Research Kits

Wireless real-time biosignal acquisition units, complete with multi-modal sensors and software for recording, visualization, and data analysis.

biosignals So1o

Designed to keep
advanced research
applications on budget

biosignals Explorer

High-performance in an
affordable package, designed
to keep your research on budget.

biosignals Researcher

Combines all the hardware and
add-on software essentials that
fulfil you typical research needs.

biosignals Professional

Flagship toolkit with local storage,
software add-ons for data analysis,
and other advanced features.


ergo Explorer

Enables ergonomic teams to prevent injuries and missed working days,
measuring workers in real-time.

ergo Researcher

All the hardware and software essentials for full powered ergonomic teams managing injuriy prevention.

biosignals Force

Portable wireless force platform with
streaming and local storage capabilities;
ideal for biomechanics in & out of the lab.

biosignals Force + EMG

Portable wireless force platform with
EMG sensor + EMG, video sync & force
software analysis plugins.

fNIRS Pioneer

All the necessary tools
for single-channel fNIRS acquisitions
in an affordable hardware kit.