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Psychophysiology Research

We provide a range of toolkits with pluggable sensors or all in one wearables designed for flexible, demanding and high-quality Psychophysiology Research, whether done inside the lab or out in the real world. Our easy-to-use software and synchronization hardware, provides seamless operation in human psychophysiology studies requiring the use of multimodal sensor data. See our full recommended sensors, wearables and kits for Psychophysiology below.


Electromyography EMG

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High performance bipolar sensor
with low noise characteristics for
seamless muscle data acquisition.

Electrodermal Activity EDA

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Discrete form factor, enables
sympathetic nervous system
monitoring at the hand or foot palms.

Electrocardiogram ECG

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Single-lead local differential
bipolar sensor, designed for
improved user acceptability.

Electroencephalography EEG

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Ideal for evoked potentials and
other localized EEG applications;
provides a single channel per sensor.

Blood Volume Pulse BVP

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Transmissive sensor with infrared
emitter and integral finger clip
for low noise and easy application.

Temperature TMP

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High resolution medical-grade
sensor, especially designed
for body temperature monitoring.

Respiration PZT

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Affordable piezoelectric sensor with
adjustable chest strap... perfect for
basic sensing in low mobility settings.

Light LUX

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Visible range light sensor;
useful for synchronization
with visual stimuli and cues.

Foot Switch

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Momentary switch
triggerable by the foot, for
manual event annotation.

Respiration RIP

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Inductive sensor with adjustable
chest strap... high performance
even in dynamic settings.

RFID Sensor

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This is the perfect accessory for synchronous recording of biosignal data and ID-mappable events.


RespiBAN Explorer

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Affordable integrated system for
wireless respiration and motion
data acquisition in low mobility.

Research Kits



8 generic channels +
8 professional sensors +
8h personalized support +
Video sync software add-on

biosignals Researcher

Combines all the hardware and
add-on software essentials that
fulfil you typical research needs.



4 generic channels +
4 professional sensors

biosignals Explorer

High-performance in an
affordable package, designed
to keep your research on budget.



8 generic channels +
8 professional sensors +
16h personalized support +
All our software add-ons +
8GB internal memory

biosignals Professional

Flagship toolkit with local storage,
software add-ons for data analysis,
and other advanced features.


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