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OpenSignals is our easy-to-use and versatile software suite for real-time biosignals visualisation, capable of direct interaction with all PLUX devices.
Core functionality includes sensor data acquisition from multiple channels and devices concurrently, data visualisation and recording.
In addition, OpenSignals has a suite of data analysis add-ons to create reports from the recorded data and extract features directly from the signals without having to do any coding.


    Reliable and intuitive biosignals visualization

  • Real-time and offline data visualisation for desktop and mobile
  • Support for devices with Bluetooth and BLE* connectivity
  • Simultaneous data acquisition from up to 24 channels (3 devices)
  • Possibility to schedule data acquisition sessions
  • Automatic reconnection to a device (e.g. to recover from battery replacement operations)
  • * Currently only on Windows

    Extensive list of signal processing algorithms

  • FREE event generation (actions) add-on for basic real-time biofeedback
  • User-friendly data analysis and feature extraction add-ons for raw data post-processing
  • Result exporting in CSV format (compatible with MS Excel) or as a PDF report
  • NEW pay-per-report option, with low-cost in-app access to results from individual files
  • FREE real-time and offline statistics about the collected data

    Open and collaborative architecture

  • FREE software base, ready to use upon installation (no license keys needed)
  • Cloud-based storage option with interfaces for Google Drive, Dropbox and RepoVizz
  • Option to record based on synchronization signals received from third-party systems

    Interoperable platform

  • Available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android
  • Exporting to ASCII, HDF5 and EDF formats compatible with Matlab, Python, AcqKnowledge and mainstream platforms alike
  • Option to import data stored in ACK (AcqKnowledge) format
  • Add comments and tags to the recorded files as metadata available for future reference
  • Capable of LabStreamingLayer and TCP/IP Streaming & Communications Protocols

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