Signal Samples

Find below a series of sample signals acquired with the biosignalsplux sensors and the OpenSignals software.

Open the sample data directly in your Google Chrome browser using the OpenSignals Live (OS Live) feature or download the data provided in the .TXT, .H5/.HDF5, and .EDF file formats to open them in your OpenSignals software or any other compatible third-party software.

Sensor & Signal Description OS Live .TXT .TXT (Raw) .H5 .EDF .ZIP
Accelerometer (ACC)
Tri-axial accelerometry data acquired while the sensor was shaked randomly during the acquisiton.
Blood Pressure Reader (BPR)
Blood pressure data acquired from a single measurement at the wrist of the left arm while at rest.
Blood Volume Pulse
Blood volume pulse data acquired at the index finger of the left hand while at rest.
Electrocardiography (ECG)
Electrocardiography data acquired in Einthoven Lead I configuration while at rest.
Electrodermal Activity (EDA/GSR)
Using gelled electrodes and placed on the hand. Seated and entering a more relaxed state as the time progresses.
Electroencephalography (EEG)
Short-term EEG acquisition with single-lead EEG sensor placed on the forehead with eyes open (0.0s-3.5s) and eyes closed (3.5s-7.0).
Electrogastrography (EGG)
1 minute acquisition of gastric activity monitoring after food intake.

Electromyography (EMG)
EMG sensor placed on the forarm with contractions being made as the time progresses.
Electrooculography (EOG)
Various acquisitions of eye movement activities: Blinking (live), vertical, and horizontal eye movement (files in the .ZIP file).
Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (FNIRS)
FNIRS acquisition at the forehead with alternating normal breathing (0s-15s), apnea (15s-50s), and breathing recovery phases (50s-10s).
Force Platform
Successive jumps conducted from standing on the Force Platform.

Glucose Meter Reader (GMR)
Glucose level measured from a single blod sample taken from the index finger while at rest, with no prior physical activity conducted.
Goniometer (GON)
Sensor placed on the upper and lower arm while conducting repetitive extension and flexion movements.
Light (LUX)
Sensor data monitoring changes in ambient light intensities.

Load Cell
Signal acquisition with alternating compression forces (positive signal plateaus) and extension forces (negative plateaus) applied on the sensor.
Pressure (FSR)
Repetitive and successive intervals of force application on the center of the FSR sensor.
Respiration (RIP)
Sensor placed around the thorax while subject was standing breathing normally (0s-35s) and breathing deeply (35s-60s).
Respiration (PZT)
Sensor placed at the center of the chest while subject was standing and deep breathing.
SpO2 (Finger Clip)
SpO2 acquisition at the left index finger with alternating normal breathing (0s-15s), apnea (15s-45s), and breathing recovery phases (45s-90s).
SpO2 Reader (OSL)
Heart rate (CH1) and peripheral blood oxygen saturation (SpO2, CH2) measured on the index finger of the left hand while at rest.
Temperature (TMP)
Sensor placed off the body for ambient temperature monitoring.

Information About the File Formats


Text files are the standard format to store OpenSignals data. By default, the data is stored in a .TXT file containing the raw, digital sensor data with values ranging between 0 and (2n-1), with n being the signal resolution set for the acquisition (8-bit or 16-bit). These files are listed above as .TXT (Raw).

The converted sensor data - the data in each sensor's correct physical units - is stored in an additional .TXT-file with an "_converted" appendix to its name. These files are listed above as .TXT only.

.H5/.HDF5 - Hirarchical Data Format

The .H5/.HDF5 file format is a data format developed by the The HDF Group and is a data format designed to store large amounts of n-dimensional datasets and all relevant metadata in a single file. This is the primary format used by OpenSignals to read and store raw and processed sensor data.

.EDF - European Data Format

The European Data Format (EDF) is a simple and flexible format for exchange and storage of multichannel biological and physical signals. This format a commonly supported data format in a variety of biosignal processing software solutions and can be used to facilate the export of OpenSignals data with third-party solutions.