The new generation of
uncompromised biosignal research

Meet the new biosignalsplux flagship toolkit with 8 Hybrid Ports supporting multi-sensor data acquisition from digital (e.g. FNIRS) and analog sensors, Bluetooth & BLE streaming capabilities, data logging features, all software add-ons, and other advanced features.

Hub Ports picture

Introducing Hybrid Ports

Analog and digital sensor support on any port.

Other than our standard 4- and 8-channel biosignalsplux systems designed for analog sensor data acquisition, the new biosignalsplux Hybrid-8 system comes with 8 Hybrid Ports supporting both analog and digital sensors.

The Hybrid Ports are the ideal solution for unrestricted multi-FNIRS setups designed around the biosignalsplux FNIRS sensor complemented by the use of other biosignal sensors such as our SpO2, ECG, and EDA among many other available options for nearly unlimited combination possibilities.

This versatility allows you to configure your biosignalsplux Hybrid-8 system to meet your research requirements, rather than having to compromise your research due to hardware limitations.

Dual Bluetooth with BLE Support

The first iOS-enabled biosignalsplux hub for developers.

The new Dual Bluetooth module with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support opens new possibilities of mHealth app development while maintaining the benefits of classic Bluetooth communication on traditional desktop operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux) for lab research.

The biosignalsplux Hybrid-8 kit is the first multi-sensor acquisition toolkit of the biosignalsplux family with iOS support due to the new native Swift API. Together with the existing portfolio of biosignalsplux APIs, you can now bring your custom algorithms to all major desktop and mobile operating systems.

hub specs

Hybrid-8 Power Specs

Outstanding even our best biosignalsplux kits.

Analog Sensor Ports 8 8x Hybrid Ports
supporting both analog & digital sensors
Digital Sensor Ports 1
# of Simultaneously Supported Analog Sensors Up to 8 Up to 8
# of Simultaneously Supported Digital Sensors 1 Up to 8
Auxiliary Ports 1x common ground
1x accessory port
1x common ground
1x accessory port
Communication Bluetooth (BT) Bluetooth (BT)
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support (1)
Supported Bluetooth Platforms Windows, macOS,
Linux, Android
Windows, macOS,
Linux, Android
Supported BLE Platforms - iOS
Sampling Resolution (per Channel) Up to 16-bit Up to 16-bit for analog sensors
Up to 24-bit for digital sensors (2)
Sampling Frequencies Up to 3kHz Up to 3kHz
(via BT streaming)(3)
Internal memory 16GB
(equivalent of ~200h of stored data)
(equivalent of ~400h of store data)(4)
Battery 700mAh 3.7V LiPo
700mAh 3.7V LiPo
Battery Lifetime (per Charge) ~10h streaming
~24h logging

More sensor options. More possibilities.

Select up to 8 sensors from 20 available analog sensor options.
Create the setup that your research really needs.

ElectrodesBluetooth USB Dongle
Overall Kit Contents
Hub (Acquisition unit) 1x 8-channel biosignalsplux hub with analog input ports 1x 8-channel biosignalsplux hub with hybrid input ports
Included Sensors 8x Professional Sensors of your choice
(11 options available)
8x Analog Sensors of your choice
(20 options available)
24x Pre-gelled & self-adhesive disposable electrodes 50x Pre-gelled & self-adhesive disposable electrodes
Medical-Grade Charger
Portable & rugged storage case
Personalized Technical Support 16h 16h
Sensor that can be included in the kits
Accelerometer (Triaxial)
Electrocardiography (ECG9
Electrodermal Activity (EDA)
Electroencephalography (EEG)
Electrogastrography (EGG)
Electromyography (EMG)
Electrooculography (EOG)
Piezo-Electric Respiration
Temperature (TMP)
Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR)
Inductive Respiration Sensor (RIP)
Load Cell
Vaginal EMG
Blood Volume Pulse
Blood Pressure Reader
Glucose Meter Reader
SpO2 Reader
SpO2 (Versatile) Extra(5)
SpO2 (Finger Clip) Extra(5)
FNIRS Extra(5)

Including all the software you need
for biosignal research.

Available Software Tools
Signal Acquisition & Visualization Software (Desktop) OpenSignals (r)evolution (Windows, macOS, Linux)
Signal Acquisition & Visualization Software (Mobile) OpenSignals Mobile (Android)
Signal Processing Add-Ons (Desktop) Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Analysis
Electrodermal Activity (EDA) Events
Electromyography (EMG) Analysis
Muscle Load Analysis
Respiration Analysis
Video Synchronization
Sensor Calibration (Force Platform, Goniometer, & Load Cell)
Event Annotation
Event Emulation
Signal Statistics
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Python
Visual C#
Swift iOS
Unity (Android)
MATLAB (via Python)

(1) BLE support is provided for Android and iOS operating systems only.
(2) Sampling resolutions of digital sensors can be sensor-specific. Please refer to the sensor documentation for further information.
(3) Specifications for BLE communication depend on the platform, number of sensors in use, sampling resolution, and sampling frequency. Please refer to the Hybrid-8 product documentation for further information.
(4) Information not available yet or susceptible to change until release.
(5) Compatible with the biosignalsplux Hybrid-8 system but must be purchased separately.