biosignalsplux Researcher

Combines all the hardware and add-on software essentials that fulfil your typical research needs.

Included Hardware
  • 1x wireless 8-channel hub
  • 8x professional sensors of your choice
  • 1x Bluetooth dongle
  • 1x medical-grade charger
  • 24x pre-gelled electrodes
  • 1x portable and rugged storage case
  • 8h personalized technical support
Included Software (Digital Content)

This 8-channel tool-kit was designed to keep advanced research applications on budget while allowing wireless and high-quality signal acquisitions without limitations.This kit comes with 8 professional sensors of your choice to fit as best as possible to your research applications.

biosignalsplux enables up to ~10h of signal streaming at up to 3000Hz sampling rate and 16-bit resolution per channel while recording data from up to 8 sensors simultaneously. Due to its compact design, biosignalsplux can even be used for signal acquisition in dynamic conditions. Additionally, the Video Synchronization add-on allows the users to record videos during signal acquisition sessions to visualize all acquired signals synchronously with the recorded video for post-acquisition analysis purposes (e.g. movement analysis).

Analog ports 8 generic inputs
Auxiliary ports 1 ground & 1 digital I/O
Resolution Up to 16-bit (per channel)
Sampling rate Up to 3kHz (per channel)
Communication Bluetooth Class II
Range Up to ~10m (extendable)
Internal memory Not included (16GB optionally available)
Battery life ~10h streaming; ~24h logging
Size 85x54x10mm
Weight 45g (without sensors)
Color White
OpenSignals Signal Processing Add-Ons

The biosignalsplux Researchers includes the following add-on for our OpenSignals (r)evolution software.

Video Synchronization

The Video Synchronization add-on for the OpenSignals (r)evolution software is the ideal software extension for the synchronization of video and biosignal acquisitions. Multimodal data acquisitions in a variety of research fields include video recording setups as complementary data to the acquired biosignals.

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