biosignalsplux Solo

For those cases where you need reliable wireless data acquisition from a single sensor.

Included Hardware
  • 1x wearable 1-channel system
  • 1x professional sensor of your choice
  • 1x Bluetooth dongle
  • 1x Micro-USB charging cable
  • 24x Pre-gelled and diposable electrodes (incl. in kits with a EMG, ECG, EDA or EEG sensor)
Included Software (Digital Content)
  • OpenSignals for real-time data acquisition & visualization
  • Open Signals Mobile app (Android)
  • Cross-platform APIs for software development in Python, C++, Visual C#, Java, Android & MATLAB

The biosignalsplux Solo kit is the perfect companion for research applications where only a single sensor is needed. The compact openBAN device is ready to use out-of-the-box to acquire data from a single sensor with 16-bit resolution and up to 1000Hz sampling rate. The internal battery of this device enables up to ~16h of continuous data streaming to get the most out of your device and your applications. Our proven Bluetooth USB dongle is included in this kit to ensure a reliable communication between the openBAN device and your computer.

Analog ports 1 generic input
Auxiliary ports none
Integrated Sensors 1x audio intensity sensor
1x triaxial accelerometer
1x triaxial magnetometer
Resolution Up to 16-bit (per channel)
Sampling rate Up to 1kHz
Communication Bluetooth Class II
Range Up to 10m
Battery life ~16h streaming
Size 54x35x15mm
Weight 45g (without sensor)
Color Grey
Select Your Sensors

The biosignalsplux Solo kit comes with up to 4 Professional Sensors of your choice. See the list below to find out which sensors you can choose.

Get More Sensors

Extend the capabilities of your biosignalsplux kit with these extra sensors.

OpenSignals Signal Processing Add-Ons

The biosignalsplux Explorer kit does not include any software add-ons for our OpenSignals (r)evolution software. Visit our add-ons page for more information about the compatible and available add-ons.

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