Force Platform

Sturdy unidimensional platform with four independent load cells for jump, leg press, and similar setups.

This multipurpose force platform is intended to be used together with our biosignalsplux kits. Its versatile design enables a wide range of applications such as jump analysis, center of mass distribution, weight assessment, force production capacity, and others. Multiple configurations and measurement range options are available.

Force Platform Sample Signal
  • Sturdy aluminum plate
  • 4 individual channels (1 per cell)
  • High signal-to-noise ratio
  • Pre-conditioned analog output
  • Jump analysis
  • Portable & wireless platform
Material Sturdy aluminum
Size 45cm x 45cm
Height Adjustable to level out the platform (up to 10 cm)
Weight 13kg
# of Load Cells 4 (one in each corner)
Maximum load 200kg per Load Cell
Size 85x54x10mm

This sensor is not a standalone use sensor and requires the use of a biosignalsplux hub. It can be used with the following biosignalsplux kits and systems for data acquisition:

Force Platform

The Force Platform add-on is designed to extract the most important force parameters from acquisitions conducted with the biosignalsplux Force Platform including the visualization of the Center of Gravity, applied force and mass on the platform in real-time.

+ Info

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