SpO2 Reader (OSL)

User-friendly finger clip sensor for SpO2 and heart rate monitoring; works as a standalone device or connected to biosignalsplux for real-time data recording.

The biosignalsplux SpO2 reader (OSL) is an adaptation of the CMS-50D SpO2 reader (AccuMed), which allows it to be used as standalone device or connected to a biosignalsplux hub for real-time data acquisitions.

The comfortable and user-friendly finger clip was designed to measure reliable oxygen saturation levels (SpO2 in %) and heart rate (bpm) information at the finger. The built-in colour LCD displays the momentary SpO2 level and heart rate both while in standalone user or when used with biosignalsplux.

  • Oxygen saturation level measurement
  • Heart rate extraction
  • Dual channel sensor
  • Built-in color LCD
  • Standalone device capability
  • Raw data output
SpO2 Range 0-100%
SpO2 Accuracy ± 2% for values >70%
Optical Sensor: Red light; 660nm@6.64mW
HR Range 30-250bpm
HR Accuracy ± 2bpm
Cable Length 100cm±0.5cm (customizable)

This sensor can be used as a standalone use sensor or with use of a biosignalsplux hub. It can be used with the following biosignalsplux kits and systems for data acquisition:

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