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Developing medical OEM solutions with PLUX.

PLUX develops biosignal acquisition systems applied in hundreds of R&D facilities worldwide to boost their work. In addition, we provide R&D engineering services for commercial companies, startups, and research institutions to develop customized and new medical solutions (incl. participations in R&D grants).

Benefit from our award-winning wireless and modular multi-sensor platforms by developing custom solutions based on our experienced team and field-proven solutions, to bring your product idea or prototype to the market.

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Standard biosignal sensors cannot always fulfil all the needs and deliver high-quality data in extreme or under special requirements. We have the biosignal expertise and hardware to speed up the development of new custom sensors and to create a specific solution, which guarantees the acquisition of high-quality and reliable signals in your applications.

Success Story - FNIRS Sensor (Charles River Analytics)

In partnership with Charles River Analytics (CRA), we have developed a Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (FNIRS) sensor that reads the oxygen from the cortex and of a wearable armband with SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation), Electrodermal Activity (EDA; on the arm), motion, and temperature sensors to analyse neurological performance.

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FNIRS Sensor

Smart wearables and Biosignals Internet of Things (BIoT) devices interact with their surroundings by acquiring & analyzing data of its environments and by making decisions based on the results. We can customize our sensors or even develop new sensor combinations to add the Smart to your wearable, enabling it to communicate with its user or an event-based autonomy.

Success Story - LISA Smart Monitor for Self-Regulated Learning (HTW Berlin)

PLUX developed a custom-made wearbale for the LISA Project using PLUX products as its base incl. a Electrodermal Activity (EDA), temperature, and optical pulse sensors. In addition, new sensors were integrated to allow air quality monitoring (CO2 & TVOC).

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HTW Lisa Wearable

Sensors produce raw data but not features to enable reasoning. We have an architecture and expert team in place to quickly develop algorithms that analyse data streamed in real-time or recorded for offline analysis, to extract the interesting features that meet your needs. In addition, we can merge features from multiple sensors to create almost application level intelligence inside our OpenSignals (r)evolution software.

Success Story - GesturePLUX (INTEL)

GesturePLUX is proof-of-concept for a wrist-worn hands-free controller for mobile or PC devices using electromyographic signals, using PLUX developed algorithms the device can recognise three different hand gestures.

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We develop integrated applications that range from custom-made wearables, signal processing mechanisms, and intelligent algorithms for research or commercial use.

Success Story - physioplux for Bruxism (DDME)

PLUX developed physioplux for Bruxism (GemPRO) in cooperation with DDME, Inc., a device to support diagnose of Bruxism and sleep respiratory diseases that integrates EMG, SpO2 and position sensors, mobile apps and cloud services.

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