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mintecStore Logo
TITAN Commerce Continental Services GmbH | mindtechStore

Leading retailer for brain-computer-interface (BCI), biofeedback and wearables technology in Europe and offers a wide variety of bio- and neurofeedback products for the consumer market.

Website | | +49 6403 60993 52

Supplier of innovative sensor technology for research, industrial, and clinical applications

Website | | +33 1 30 99 80 47
Serinth Logo
Serinth Ltd.

Serinth is a commercial company based in Athens. It was established in 2002 and supports both Greek and Cypriot markets by providing medical equipment.

Website | | +33 1 30 99 80 47
MedCaT Logo

MedCaT is an international company specialised in medical equipment. It was founded in the year 2000, where it started as a small one man medical appliances dealer focused on selling medical equipment.

Website | | +31 591 301 033
RedBack Logo
United Kingdom
Redback Biotek Ltd.

Distributor of advanced technologies to enhance athlete performance and medicine.

Website | | +353 85 8888 039
Creact Logo
KYBERNAN Marta Studzinska-Garczyk

Cybermed offers data analysis and processing services: statistical analyzes, including biostatistics and medical statistics in addition to the distribution of biosignal acquisition systems.

Website | | +0048 514 655 360


Serinth Logo
Creact Corp.

Creact Corp. is as an the importer of world-wide famous products with unique technology such as bio sensors, eye tracker, motion capture, pressure mapping system, IMU sensors and so on, in Japan.

株式会社クレアクトは、各種生体センサ、アイトラッカー、モーションキャプチャ、圧力分布計測システムおよび慣性センサ(IMU)など、 世界中のユニークな技術や製品を持つ日本の輸入販売商社です。

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CGD Logo
CGD TECHNOLOGY CO., Ltd. | 上海形宙数字技术有限公司

CGD TECHNOLOGY CO., Ltd. provides products and solutions in the fields of physiology, psychology, biomechanics, human factors engineering, and rehabilitation.

Website | | +86 021 5423 3665
SIT Technology Logo
South Korea
SIT Technology Inc.

SIT Technology's mission is to supply semiconductor components & design for highest customer satisfaction in communication, wireless, multimedia and automotive systems since 1986.

Website | | +82 31 425 2382
Micro Star Instruments Logo
Micro Star Instruments Co., Ltd.

MSI Instrument Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of integrity, professionalism and service, plays a bridge of cutting-edge technology, in Europe and the United States to customers.

Website | | +88 62 8667 4661
De la Rosa Logo
Gentech Marketing and Distribution Pvt. Ltd.

Gentech instituted in 1996 with the vision to support medical research and education by marketing, installation, commissioning, technical and service support of gold standard equipment’s.

Website | | +91 474 723 93
BIOFIT Technology & Services

BIOFIT Technology & Services was founded in 1999 as a technical engineering business with providing technical services in medical rehabilitation, sport medicine, industry applications.

Website | | +65 6755 5648
Premiers Medical Logo
Thailand & Malaysia
Premiers Medical Co., Ltd.

Medical solution provider specialized in physiotherapy, sports & rehabilitation, healthcare projects, and biomedical research.

Website | | +66 919 459 395


USA & Canada
Robotshop Inc.

Founded in 2003, Robotshop specialize in robotics technology and offer a wide range of products and services in this sector. We operate globally and our head office is located in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada.

Website | Sales Support | +1 866 627 3178
De La Rosa Research
De la Rosa Research S.A.S.

Re la Rosa Resarch represents and distributes major research equipment companies focusing on top companies around the world.

Website | | +57 1 615 1702


Axiology Labs Logo
South Africa
Axiology Labs

Axiology Labs offer Laboratory Equipment Solutions for Education and Research. Based in Africa. Focused on Physiology, Biological, Animal and Sport Science.

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